A new way to harness power from the wind

A unique design

CityWind is a cycloidal turbine : a vertical axis, with its blades pitch-controlled during operation. Cycloidal devices already exist, but CityWind is unique. The motion of its blades ressembles a natural, oscillating motion. It is based on a unique mechanical concepts, and stands out from the other vertical axis

Safe and user friendly operation

CityWind unique design means it will always operate at low speed. It just cannot go too fast. The chart on the right shows you that CityWind will operate approximately 5 times slower than a regular wind turbine. This means it will not overspeed. It will not start oscillating or vibrating. And it will not create any unpleasant aerodynamics noise. Regular wind turbine blades reach a speed of 350km/h. CityWind blades will never go beyond 70 km/h.

High and steady performance

The power created by CityWind rotor is as high as regular screw-like wind turbines. These horizontal axis wind turbine typically have an efficiency of 40%. We demonstrated an efficiency of 42%. On top of that CityWind can take advantage of all wind directions, and turbulent winds. Regular wind turbines performance will rapidly decrease when the wind is turbulent. CityWind rotor will actually improve its performance when wind direction oscillates.